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Abstract Window Curtain - Pastel Watercolor Bubbles



Experience the peace of light-filtering unlined or lined window curtains! Crafted from woven polyester for an effortless, elegant addition to any room, these curtains are simple to hang with the convenient 3" rod pocket

Styles Explained

Sheer window curtains offer little to no warmth or light blocking capabilities. Although they are predominantly used for decorative purposes, the fabric of the curtains is lightweight yet durable. They can be utilized as standalone, or along with blinds or curtains of a different material or style. Ultimately, these curtains do not provide a level of privacy.

Unlined window curtains from Deja Blue Studios are crafted with a single piece of medium weight fabric and hemmed for strength and style.  Printed with your chosen design on the interior facing side and depending on the darkness of the design, these curtains can block 20-35% of the incoming sunlight.  Unlined curtains are used for privacy, as well as complimenting the hues of the room with ambience from outside light only being filtered.  Choose this style if you're looking to really enjoy the colors of the print and reducing the majority of the light is not your goal.

The lined window curtains are similar in style to the unlined ones, but an extra white panel is added to the back of the printed panel. Their ability to filter sunlight is greater than their unlined counterparts and sunlight filtration is between 40-50%, varying with the darkness of the design. Additionally, the second panel provides a sturdier, more weighty feel than the unlined curtains and offer privacy.  These curtains still interact with the outside light to create a nice ambient atmosphere to a room

These Room Darkening Curtains boast a single panel of high-density, smooth and soft to the touch fabric that can reduce up to 85% of incoming light. Perfect for keeping rooms dim during periods of high sunlight, however, it has to be considered that these ARE NOT blackout style curtains that claim to block 100% of the light, but they can greatly reduce the incoming light.

What can be customized?

Lots of ways to customize window curtains, but some limits exist. Room Darkening Curtains can't be customized, and neither can the Sheer panels 50”x84”.

It is possible to shorten a pair of curtains. We provide 3 standard measurements: 52”, 61”, and 82”. Customers should order the size nearest to their desired length that is larger, and then indicate their custom size in the "Note To Seller" Box.  We charge no additional costs to shorten the length of a pair of curtains as long as the length is less than 82".

•Curtain Width

Unfortunately, the width of the curtains cannot be adjusted except for fully customized window curtains.  See the next bullet point.

Custom Material Curtains

Custom material is a top shelf - woven polyester 600D fabric and is a big step up in quality over the already high-quality fabric we use for the standard curtain sizing.  This material is the only way we can achieve sizes greater than 82" in length

•Unlined fabric curtains custom to any length? No problem! Our max width is 56”/panel, plus you can choose any length. Precut, pre-sewn presets are prepped on our machines, while custom curtains require special sewing and adjustments-which can be pricier.

To figure the cost of custom curtains, just combine H + W for each panel and multiply that sum by .9. Say you've got a 48"x66" panel—that'd make $102.60. 48+66 = 114. 114 x .9 = $102.60

If you are interested in ordering fully customized dimensions, please reach out.

•Colors – Depending on the design, customizing some colors can be possible.

Please be aware that due to the differences in styles and brands in display devices, colors may not always be an exact match to what your device shows. Attempt to look at designs from two devices.