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Custom Order - 4 Unlined 40x97" Custom Length Panels


If you are in a walkout basement bar or on the couch watching TV, sometimes you just need to calm the sun. These curtain panels are printed with precision care with a design created by Deja Blue Studios.Unlined and Lined window curtains are both semi-sheer window curtains, which means they block sunlight and are not see through. 

Styles Explained

Sheer window curtains do nothing to block visible light. They are purely decorative and are generally able to be seen right through. 
The fabric is light and sturdy and can be used alone, with blinds or partnered with another style of curtain to create a unique look. 
They are the only style offered that do not offer privacy.

Unlined window curtains are a single piece of fabric with your chosen design masterfully printed on the interior side of the fabric. 
Depending on the darkness of the design, unlined window curtains can block anywhere from 20-45% of the sunlight allowing you to 
design your room with great colors and patterns offered by Deja Blue Studios and still enjoy ambient light.

Lined window curtains are very similar to the unlined option, except a second all white panel is paired with the curtain, sewn and hemmed. 
Again, depending on the darkness of the design they are able to block anywhere from 45-70% of the sunlight. The second panel also gives 
them a sturdier, heavier feel than the unlined version. 

Blackout window curtains add an additional 3rd, black panel off fabric between the printed front panel and the white back panel. 
Depending on the darkness of the design, Blackout window curtains can be considered room darkening to full blackout, blocking 
between 80-100% of visible light.

What can be customized?

There are a lot of customization options available for window curtains, however, due to machine limitations, there are some exceptions. 
Please note that the Blackout Curtains are not able to customized in any way, and Sheer panels 50”x84” can not be customized. 
•Curtain Length 
Yes, a pair of curtains can be shortened. 
We offer 3 standard lengths, 52”, 61” and 82”. Order the curtain size nearest to your lengths that is above the length you need and in the
Note To Seller Box, simply put your note in for your custom length.
•Curtain Width
Unfortunately, the width of the curtains can not be adjusted except for fully customized window curtains. See the next bullet point.
•Fully custom curtains can be created in unlined fabric. 
The width is restricted to 56” per panel and can be nearly any length. Our standard sized curtains we prepare with precut and pre-sewn 
panels and our machines are adjusted to these sizes. Custom curtains require custom sewing and machine adjustments and for this reason 
tend to be more expensive than their preset counterparts. The formula for the cost of doing custom curtains can be calculated by adding
the Height(H) and the Width(W) of each panel and multiplying that by .9 For example, a panel that is 48” wide and 66” long would cost $102.60 per panel. 
48+66 = 114. 114 x .9 = $102.60
If you are interested in ordering fully customized dimensions, please reach out.•Colors – Depending on the design, customizing some colors can be possible.Please be aware that due to the differences in styles and brands in display devices, colors may not always be an exact match to what your device shows. Attempt to look at designs from two devices.